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Vermilion Ohio Dog Park


Private Dog Park in Vermilion. Reservations required. Book your visit through Sniffspot! If you've never heard of Sniffspot, it's like Airbnb for dog parks! Come let your dog play safely without distractions and have the time of their life!

Treat your best friend to an hour or two at Vermilion, Ohio's private dog park. All size dogs welcome! Book the spot through to enjoy a private dog park experience. The best experiences and fun for you and your dog, the 2 acre dog park is designed for the ultimate safe dog exercise.

Free Dog Park Visits For

Shelter & Foster Dogs

Fostering a shelter dog? Involved with an animal shelter? Contact us to setup free dog park playtime for shelter dogs and foster dogs.

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Distraction free dog time

  • Safe, private space to help you minimize distractions or triggers and maximize time with your dog.

Off leash enrichment

  • Exploration and activities you can't get anywhere else; wear your dog out for days.

Safe playdates

  • Socialize your pup in a controlled, private spot - it's great exercise, it's safe and it's fun for you and your dog.

Scenic, fun & safe

  • Property features a large, private dog park with meadow trails, grassy areas, benches, a fire ring and landscaping. Wildflowers mowed down in winter, creating one open space.
  • Quiet, country setting conveniently located between Vermilion and Amherst.
  • Poop stations, toys, water and treats provided.
  • One family permitted at a time; there will be no other dogs or humans in the dog park during your visit.

Easily book private play time in three simple clicks.

Sniffspot Top Spot Reviews 5.0

Samantha R:

Amazing place! It was great to let our dogs run around and get tons of energy out. Very accommodating and would recommend to all.

Liz S:

MUST VISIT!!! The park was so clean and just beautiful. Great seating all over the property. The owners even left us fresh water and a toy to play with. We will be back- thank you! 

Chris M:

Our first time using SniffSpot and we absolutely loved this spot. Clean, lots of space, and the hosts provided toys, snacks, and water. The bottom of the area was still a little wet from some rain the previous days but there was plenty of other space for our pup to run around so this wasn’t a major issue. Will definitely be back!

Shelly S:

So much fun! Our dogs ran every inch of the property and got all their energy out. Will definitely be back!

Mikayla L:

Lovely property! My dog had a wonderful time running around, playing frisbee, and sniffing everything. We will be back!

Daniel E:

Was completely perfect to get my new puppy out and get rid of some energy. She has anxiety around other dogs so going to a dog park wasn’t really an option. Struggled to find a way for her to let loose and run until we came across this spot! Absolutely will be back!! Thank you!!

Rhonda C:

What a beautiful place to bring our pups to run free and play. Lots of room to roam and run and have fun!! We love the private, country setting. We took a tour with the owners, Bill and Gary, of the barn and their gorgeous home. These guys love dogs, and we will definitely be leaving Lucy and Dudley with them, without a worry. Thank you Bill and Gary for providing this place and sharing your home with us and our pups!

Faith M:

Highly recommend! Great place for the pups to run fenced yet free. Nice seating and view while they play.

Nick S:

Fantastic space! Will definitely bring my dog back and 100% worth it. Thank you!!

Ashley M:

Very clean and my dogs loved it! Will definitely come back!

Rebecca L:

Nice spot! Well kept yard with a pretty view. Especially appreciated the water and toys left out for us!

Erica H:

We really enjoyed the dog park. It was quiet, clean and they have water bowls/toys. Can’t wait to go back! Close enough to Krieg’s to pup cups on the way once they open for the year.

Madisson M:

So happy I found this spot! I won’t take my dogs to a public dog park, so finding this place was like finding a needle in a haystack. Will definitely be back. It’s secured entirely around the parameter, they provide toys, poop bags, and fresh water. 10/10

Zachary K:

Stopped for an hour session while up from Columbus. Really great open space with nice amenities: water, cleanup bags, trash bins and a hose. My dog loved it and can’t wait to come back next time we’re in town for a visit.

Sarah H:

Went back for our second visit and had a lovely time! My dog was so excited to come back and very sad to leave. The space was clean and fully stocked with toys, water bowls, and doggie bags. We will be back again next weekend and we booked a longer stay.

Heather C:

Great little spot to let our pups explore and roam free without worry of negative social interactions. Clean, well kept, and fun! We will be back.

Megan S:

The park was great and our dog loved running around!! There were nice shade spots as well, we came a day or two after a big rain storm and it did get a little muddy there but we assumed it would be and came prepared, nothing a little towel drying can't fix!

Megan H:

Wonderful place! They really take time to make sure its a great experience for the dogs! What was even more wonderful was they made sure it was enjoyable for us also. Will be back for sure.

Kaylee G:

Awesome amount of space and provided amenities are great!

Laurie M:

We will be back! Really nice, our dog loved it! Lots of room to run and play. Very clean and well maintained.

Sarah H:

We love this place and go every weekend. It’s a great space to run around and play. We had so much fun playing in the snow. The hosts leave out water and toys, and they have two doggie bag stations. The fence is secure and the area is quiet.

Jan S:

What a nice clean environment for Henry! This was my first time and I forgot to bring his favorite toy - I was happy toys, water and clean up bags were provided as stated in the confirmation email.   Thank you!!

Jessica K:

Nice and secure! My dog literally ran the whole hour! Can't wait to go back again!

Rebecca K:

I was dog sitting for my nephew, whose dog is a bit too large and energetic for me to handle.  Because his owners were gone, he spent a lot of his time in the crate while I was at work.  This was the perfect answer for him to run off some steam!  The grounds are stunning, it was simply to book an appointment online, and the area was MUCH larger than I ever imagined.  

Mary C:

This spot was so great! Very spacious and well maintained. They even had toys and snacks available and water of course. Our two dogs loved it! I would highly recommend and will be returning each time I am in the area!

Clair L:

Super spacious and open park. My dogs loved doing zoomies and playing fetch. Fence seemed secure and we didn’t see any other people or dogs which is a win.

Jeanette A:

I'm really glad to have found this little park. I've been looking for a place to take my boy for months. There was plenty of space for him to run and they even provided a few toys. We had a blast. This place is just what he needs. We will be back for sure.

Nikki B:

We visited for the first time today with our 2 dogs & it was perfect!! Be prepared for mud though! There is a hose so you can rinse your pups off before you leave. there is plenty of toys & space for the dogs to have a great time. Will definitely be visiting again.

Kendra F:

This is a beautiful park, very well kept with nice landscaping. It’s on a hillside so even after wet weather the grass was mostly dry. There was one swampy area in the far corner.

Julie W:

This is a very large fenced grass area that provides plenty of running space.  Water and toys are also provided.  Only wished there were other dogs there.  

Martha J:

Very nice area. I will definitely be back.

Kristen S:

We had a great time with our dog Mabel. The park is well kept and very nice! The host provides toys and water for the dogs and even treats! We will be back!

Michael S:

Nice contained property, with plenty of room to roam and exercise.  Will be back for sure - my dog loved it.

Sarah H:

Another great visit to our favorite Sniffspot! We absolutely love this place.

Paul B:

Nice setting, tennis balls, frisbees and water set out for us. Our three dogs loved having two hilly acres to run around in! Very well kept.

Sarah H:

We’re making this a weekly thing, we love coming here! Great open space with lots of room to play.

Allison K:

We really enjoyed our time. Such a beautiful place to allow our dogs to play. We would love to come back!

Sarah H:

This is such a nice, spacious place to play with your dog! I had a great time and will be back.

Samantha F:

Beautiful location! Host was very accommodating allowing a change to the reservation time due to rain. There’s tons of space for dogs to run, chickens next door to watch, and plenty of amenities to ensure a good time. Thank you for having us :)

Lisa G

My first time here!  Wonderful!!!  My Rat Terrier Snoop loved it!  Thought she would get tired quick but Nope!  She ran and ran and ran.  Happy Dog Day!!!!

Michelle H

We love coming here not only for the security of our pet but also the beauty of the area.  There are cut paths for our dog to maneuver through, amazing  wildflower patches, benches to rest and of course all the fun stuff like toys.  It is definitely worth your time here.  Being able to watch our dog zoom all over the place is just the best!  Please check it out sometime.  

Anne R

My lab Scooter enjoyed himself. Wish there was more land for him to run but I appreciate having the space to ourselves and without leash. We will definitely go back.

Donna M

Stopped here on a road trip from Boston to Fort Wayne IN. This spot was perfect for my 3 dogs to get out their energy but also a great place for me to recharge. It was clean, peaceful, and the flowers were so gorgeous!

Dana A

I would give 100 stars if I could! My dogs thoroughly enjoyed it, they had so much fun! And we did, too. Very very clean, love the wildflowers they’re beautiful and the dogs loved sniffing around them and we appreciated the dog water. We can’t wait to go back again!

Jennifer M

This is the perfect size for our 2 dogs. They had plenty of room to run and play and explore. They had a great time. I wasnt able to get any good pictures because they were to excited stay still! The water, toys and bags is a great added touch. It was well worth the price. Registering and booking a time could not be more simple. Thank you for a fun and safe experience.

Penny B

This was an awesome place to visit with dogs! Two acres for them to run, beautiful mown areas alternating with wildflower areas, several nice benches strategically placed around the perimeter near the chain link fence. Poop bags, treats, water bowl and water for the dogs were available. We enjoyed hearing a neighbors rooster occasionally and saw a bluebird on the lower fence when we arrived! ❤️ We look forward to another visit soon!

Theresa D

My dogs had a blast! Nice to go on a walk without leashes. My young pup ran around, while my older girl could go at her own pace. Very nice fenced in property and will definitely be back.

Kim K

We have a 5 month old shepherd puppy that of course is full of energy and loves to chase tennis balls. Our yard is small so this park is the perfect place to let her run off some puppy energy! It’s beautiful there as well! We’ll be back!

Rebecca J

Owner made sure we did not enter the park while other dogs were present ahead of our start time: which we appreciate & respect since my dog is dog reactive. We were left to spend our two hour visit alone with our dog so she could run and relax when she wanted! Water is provided, and the park is VERY clean and completely fenced with wildlife and a farm nearby. Only notes I would have are there is a small gap along the fence line bottom if you are taking a smaller dog, and the daycare is run out of the building next door so there will probably be dogs when you pull up if you have a reactive baby just keep them in the car until it’s your time!

Rosana D

My boys had the best time on this property. It is well maintained, clean and the perfect size for my two low riders. We didn’t last the hour, the boys were pooped within 30 mins and the one, wanted to go inside. 🙂 He felt so at home.

Megan S

Came for our 2nd time today, I'm planning on getting the membership because our dog loves it here!

Kelsea M

This is the perfect spot to run all the extra energy out of your pup! Bring a towel, there is a little mud (to be expected and no big deal). Both 95 lb golden doodles had a blast! Can’t wait to return soon.

Sue M

What a fabulous place!!  Peaceful, quiet, fully fenced, I don't think my dogs stopped running.  Even though I have a nice half acre fenced yard for them, getting to take them someplace new, of this size, to run and explore was awesome.  We will be back!!!

Emily K

We took our 2 Doodles and they had the time of their lives! Highly recommend! Their was plenty of space to run, sit, and explore! They had lots of benches, a cute bridge for photo ops, and even offered toys, water, and treats for our Doods!

Support For Displaced Dogs

Free dog park visits to displaced dogs

Some of the saddest sights are dogs that are displaced by natural disasters or abuse. We have all seen stories about wildfires and hurricanes that have displaced thousands of dogs or dogs that come out of terrible hoarder situations. Unfortunately, these occurrences seem to be becoming more and more common.

Dogs have a hard enough time in the modern world without adding displacement to the list. Dogs evolved and were bred in a world where they could run free in fields and forests. Modern society doesn’t carve spaces out for our canine companions and, as a result, dogs in the modern world are having all kinds of problems like obesity, reactivity, and anxiety. When a dog is displaced from their home it exacerbates these issues.

Good Dog Boarding & Training has joined Sniffspot hosts throughout the country to provide safe spaces that allow dogs to let their instincts rise back to the top, to go wild and free, and to just be dogs again. Hosts are stepping up to make a difference for displaced dogs by offering $40,000 of free visits to displaced dogs. Sniffspot will track major dog displacement events, defined as an event that requires a large amount of dog parents and their dogs to leave their home area and spend a significant amount of time outside of their home area. They will disburse these free visits through discount codes to nonprofits on the ground who are working with displaced dogs and dog guardians, regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, or how they identify.

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